Aerial Acts

Acts are always mesmerizing when you see artists climbing to huge heights and performing moves with precision and grace! Choose from one of our aerial acts to bring this grace to your event!

Act Information

What are my different aerial choices? You can choose from:

  • Silks (Single & Duo) - Video above

  • Hammock (Single & Duo)

  • Spanish Web

  • Straps

  • Ladder (Single & Duo)

  • Cube 

How do you know if you can use this act?  You will need:

  • 10ft in length

  • 10ft in width

  • 18ft in ceiling clearance

  • Rigging points

What if I don't have anywhere to rig from? No worries. In the video above our portable aerial rig is showcased. You can rent this for an additional fee. It works great in outdoor settings, but is also useable indoors!

How long are these acts?  5-6 minutes, but can be sold as non-choreographed atmosphere entertainment @ 15 minutes/set.

Can I request a different theme/outfit? Absolutely! Just let us know what theme your event is and we will get you some options!

Interested in booking our flying acrobats? Or, do you have more questions? Click below to contact us!

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