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2-Man Variety Show

A high-flying comedic circus show performed by two brothers! This 22-minute circus show includes cyr wheel/spinning cube, acrobatics, chair stacking, and teeterboard. This show can be changed to fit the theme of your event!

**For a video of the entire show, send us a note from the contact page!

The Sinister Circus

at Valleyfair's HAUNT!

Pit Crew Acrobats

at FunSpot America!

Santa's Little Flippers

at FunSpot America!

Venue Requirements

How do you know if you can use this act?


Here are our space requirements:


  • 25ft in length

  • 10ft in width

  • 20ft in ceiling height

  • Hard, dry & even surface 



Pit Crew Acrobats
Shoulder Stand
Teeterboard flip at FunSpot America

How many people are in this act?

2 high-flying acrobats!


How long is the act?

This show runs 22 minutes, but can be scaled down or up as needed.


Can you do multiple performances?

Absolutely! There is a minimal upgrade fee, but it is definitely possible!

Are their technical requirements?

Yes! Please contact us to find out more.


Do you have more questions or want a quote for your event? Use the contact page to send us a message!

Interested in booking this Circus Show? Or, do you have more questions? Click below to contact us!

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