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Stilt Walkers

Stilt walkers are the most famous atmosphere entertainment option across Florida! FoF, through our sister company Odd-O-Ts', provides you only the biggest and most energetic personalities there are to offer. Let these stilt walkers add flash to your next event!


Pirate stilt walker
Pink stilt walkers
Tacky tourists and stilt walker

Entertainment Options

Atmosphere Entertainment


By far, atmosphere entertainment is our most popular option! There is no better way to get more for your money than going this route. Use our stilt walkers in a multitude of ways:


  • As greeters at your event

  • Party motivators at your dance party

  • Roaming entertainmers at your expo

  • Photo ops throughout your venue

  • As line leaders to move from one area to another


How does it work? It's simple, our stilt walkers, from two to eight, go out for an alotted time period and entertain your guests. They will use their eye-catching height and "out-of-this-world" personality to make sure your guests are having a great time throughout the event! This is the best and most efficient way to make sure all of your guests are impacted positively by the entertainment! 

Wine Stilt Walker!




COMING SOON...a giant bottle of wine that dispenses the wine of your choosing through her fingers!

Female handymen stilt walker

Interested in booking? Click below to contact us about pricing!

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