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What in the world are powerskips?! Powerskips are stilts that allow performers to jump in the air over 6 feet! Our extreme athlete's and acrobats use these stilts to amaze your guests by running, bouncing, and flipping. But that's not all, every single performer that FoF uses is extremely energetic and professional. You will not find a better fit for your event than our professional powerskip jumpers!

Seven Seas Skippers @ SeaWorld Orlando

Entertainment Options

Atmosphere Entertainment


By far, atmosphere entertainment is our most popular option! There is no better way to get more for your money than going this route. Use our powerskip jumpers in a multitude of ways:


  • As greeters at your event

  • Party motivators at your dance party

  • Roaming entertainmers at your expo

  • Photo ops throughout your venue

  • Jumping eye candy for your cocktail hour


How does it work? It's simple, our jumpers, from two to eight, go out for an alotted time period and entertain your guests. They will use their extreme athleticism and high-energy personalities to make sure your guests are having a great time throughout the event! This is the best and most efficient way to make sure all of your guests are impacted positively by the entertainment! 

Jumping Stilt Penguins at SeaWorld

Interested in booking? Click below to contact us about pricing!

Powerskip Shows

We offer two types of powerskip shows! 



4-Min HYPE Show



12-Min Story Show

We offer a 4-minute high energy performance and a 12-minute customized story driven performance. Our 4-5 minute powerskip shows are high-energy choreographed performances of dancing, jumping, and flipping. This performance works perfectly when trying to pump up a crowd or keep them engaged during a long session. It is also the perfect ending to a variety show! Our 12-minute story driven performance is a performance where our two jumpers work together in funny and silly moments to put together the perfect powerskip show! This show is perfect for theme parks and events where the audience is not seated and within shouting distance. 


No matter which show you choose, FoF jumpers are not only the top athelete's in the game, but also extreme "hype-men!" If you are looking to fill your event with explosive energy, this is definitely the option for you!



  • You may choose any costume we have for your powerskip show.

  • We have music, but are more than happy to use any song you like.

  • Want more than one show in a day? For a minimal price, powerskip shows can be added with no problem.



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