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Cyr Wheel

A man inside a giant hoop! A combination of your child hood spin top toy and a carnival ride, this act will leave you spinning in your seat!

Act Information

How do you know if you can use this act?  You will need:

  • 15ft in length

  • 15ft in width

  • Hard, dry & even surface 

  • No carpet (exception: low pile carpet)


How long is this act?  4.5 minutes, but can be sold as non-choreographed atmosphere entertainment @ 10 minutes/set.

Can I request a different theme/outfit? Absolutely! Just let us know what theme your event is and we will get you some options!

Cyr Wheel
LED Cyr Wheel

Interested in booking our spinning acrobat? Or, do you have more questions? Click below to contact us!

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