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So let me start off by saying that we didn't do this to this group of guys. However, I'm not saying that in the future we won't be at fault for a story like this. We try our best...but sometimes you just can't control it...In the end, at least everyone can get a good laugh...after the tempers and yelling have stopped.


We have all been there. We all have taken a gig that was supposed to be “just like normal” and it turned into a nightmare! The story is real, only the names and companies are changed.

So…let me tell you a little story about how a group of guys traveled over 1,100 miles out of the way to go to a gig and then have a truck drive through their show!

It was going to be a simple gig, they were going to fly from Orlando to Houston, do five shows, and hop back onto the plane and come home. When the guys got to the airport they realized that the flight their company booked for them took them from Orlando, FL to Buffalo, NY to Atlanta, GA to Houston, TX. For those of you that are geographically illiterate, this is 1,178.4 miles out of the way! If this was not enough, when they got to Houston, they had to get into a car and drive two hours to the city they were going to perform in. Their travel day ended up being from 10:30 AM to 1:00 AM, the next morning! I would like to point out that the average flight time from Orlando to Houston is around 3 hours, but very rarely exceeds 5 hours. This group of guys traveled for 14 ½ hours! This could be enough to constitute a bad gig, but the story goes on...

It was really necessary to fly like this?

The airline also happened to also lose some of their equipment on the way to Houston. The equipment ended up making it back to their hometown a week later. Then, during their first show, which happened to be in a festival setting, a truck and trailer drove right through the middle of their show! Oh…and if all this was not enough…the company that hired them also decided to make them check out of their hotel and drive two hours back to the Houston airport, right after their five shows, so they could check-in to another hotel. How’s that for a gig? This definitely made these guys say, “Worst. Gig. Ever.


Do you have a story "Worst. Gig. Ever." story that you think would make us laugh?! Send an email to! We would love to post it!

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