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Seriously? Just TTFN...

We all know those people that won’t…hold on, let’s be honest here, CAN’T take a note. It might be humanly impossible for them to take a note. No matter how outrageous or wrong their mistake is, it is never their fault. It is as if they are completely incapable of doing anything wrong. Normal excuses amount to, “It wasn’t me, it was him” or “you saw it wrong.”

You do yourself no favors when you refuse to take notes from your manager, director, or peers; especially if this is something you always do. Look back…when is the last time that you took a note as an artist and applied it to your show? If you can’t think of one, either a) you are phenomenal and should be making millions of dollars or b) the more likely choice, you are probably the one who doesn’t do well with notes.

The problem with notes is that people become offended when others give them a note. As artists, we have to keep in mind that no one is trying to pick on us when they give us a note. Also, you are not going to get fired for one simple note for being on the wrong spike mark. But… on the flip side, ignoring notes over time may decrease your chance of re-hire.

Remember that there is no shame in taking a note. The essential function of a note is to help you improve your show or follow guidelines, which in turn…improves your show. Also, these notes are things that may not be noticeable unless you are watching your own show from another point of view. We should actually be thankful for this extra insight. It improves your show in ways you might not have been able to improve by yourself. And ultimately, it will improve your show in the eyes of the people that normally have something to do with you being rehired (i.e. stage manager, show director, producer, etc.). Even if I can't convince you that taking notes is good for you, you should at least acknowledge this reason for taking a note.

Let me leave you with one thought for the next time someone gives you a note…**SMILE**, say OK, and…TTFN.


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