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15 Problems that only those of us who frequent auditions would understand!

  1. I got to the audition….and I have to pay for parking!

  2. Drove two hours to the audition, waited another hour for it to typed out within 10 minutes…

  3. Casting Director: “You are GREAT, but the director decided to go in a different direction…”

  4. Rehearsed all night and the casting director made me read for a different part…

  5. No Sondheim songs…wish I read the audition notice.

  6. “Registration fee”…uh, no.

  7. What do you mean this is the dance call?!

  8. What do you mean you changed the audition location?!

  9. The dude next to me Will. Not. Shut. Up. I’m not here to be your friend…

  10. When the audition notice says: “All Roles Cast.”…feel free to come hang out with us for 2 hours, because we are required to have this audition. J

  11. Had one headshot left and it gracefully got crumpled on the way to the audition.

  12. Hmmm…the $20 audition workshop before the audition, “In no way effects the results of the audition”...Yeah, I believe that…

  13. For our SeaWorld theme park friends: Umm, excuse me audition coordinator...What does this text mean: “Drug Test Required?”

  14. For our Disney theme park friends: That moment when you find out the true meaning of “character” performer…

  15. For our Universal theme park friends: Well, that’s 6 hours I will never get back…

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