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We did a thing @ Valleyfair

Halloween Haunt

We are absolutely indebted to Valleyfair in Minneapolis! This October, Valleyfair had Csaba, Alex and I up for their 10th Anniversary Halloween #Haunt at #ValleySCARE! For the whole month, two at a time, we (The Dastardly Brothers) traveled up to Valleyfair on the weekends and put on The Sinister Circus.

This is the first time that we have ever performed this particular show. In this show, we combined cyr wheel, chair stacking, acro, spinning cube, and of course, teeterboard. About a month out we started rehearsals to transform our normal teeterboard act into this show. We decided to make the two characters absolutely sick of each it really matched our willingness to mess with each other! Haha.

The gang at one of our first rehearsals (Alex, Zach, Csaba)

Our first couple of attempts at creating a costume (Alex, Csaba)

Our rehearsal space and show set up

Our first attempt at figuring out the right make up for the show (Zach, Csaba)

With the amount of equipment we had, we ended up having to drive. We drove 24 hours straight to get to Valleyfair...and, we only got sick of each other a little bit. But, that's cool, it strengthened our characters!

On the drive...before we were sick of each other :)

We got to the venue a day before the show with the big boss and put everything together. I'm not going to lie, we were a little nervous about never seeing the stage, but it worked out perfectly. The team up at Valleyfair went out of their way to accommodate everything we needed! I think it is safe to say, everyone was happy with the way the Sinister Circus (brought to you by the Dastardly Brothers...yes that was the name we came up with.. hehe) turned out. Here is a little taste of what it looked like after the first weekend:

It was awesome to explore what Minneapolis had to offer, but by far, our most favorite outings were riding the coasters at Mall of America and Valleyfair. I, along with Csaba and Alex, definitely recommend this...even if you are from Orlando like us! One interesting story...after we got comfortable, about the 3rd weekend of shows, we decided that it would be a smart idea to rock climb during the day. That was THE STUPIDEST IDEA ever! You think that me being an acrobat for 11 years and my partner for over 20, one of us would have known...but no. Our forearms and fingers were definitely HURTING...not sore...HURTING for the next three days. All those shows we put in for us to feel comfortable and then we went and did something stupid. LoL. I think we learned our lesson.

Mall of America Roller Coasters

Csaba and Zach riding coasters at the Mall of America

Valleyfair Roller Coaster

Zach and Todd riding coasters at Valleyfair

The toughest part about being up in Minneapolis, minus stupid rock climbing decisions, was the cold. In Orlando, we are used to 90 degree weather the majority of the year. This is the first time we had to perform when the temperatures ranged from 35-50 degrees. I was super worried about it being this cold during the performance. You know, coming down from a backflip at twelve feet on a two inch mat that is hard as rock from the turns out that it didn't matter to us. After warming up, the cold was nothing while performing the show. In fact, it was awesome to see your breath during the show (we almost didn't need our our fogger). The only time the cold didn't fair well with us was all the time we weren't doing the show! I guess we need to consider "warming up" for our day too!

One other cool thing was that Valleyfair did our make-up for us everyday. We owe a huge thank you to Eric! Thanks for putting up with us and giving us kick butt mustaches!

Makeup with Eric!

In the end, we were super happy with how the show turned out! The audiences seemed to love it and we enjoyed many full houses in our 27 shows! Here is a full show teaser that includes clips from the whole run!

HUGE THANK YOU to the whole Valleyfair team that helped us through the entire run. YOU GUYS ROCKED!!!

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