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5 Tips That May Make Your Atmosphere Performance Better!

Entertaining on the street in a theme park is a unique monster. After installing a handful of atmosphere shows in theme parks across the US this year and watching even more...I have learned a little bit. From now on, I have 5 things I will always make sure to tell our performers. They might not fit for every atmosphere show you have been in, but I’m pretty sure there is something here for everyone.

1. Smile. When in doubt, smile it out! When you smile you show everyone you are having fun. If you are having fun, then the audience is also having fun along with you. The cliché “smiles are contagious” is definitely accurate here.

2. Don’t turn your back to the audience. Unless it is choreography…don’t turn your back to the audience. If that means you must walk backward…then do it! Turning your back takes you completely out of the show and makes it look like you don’t care. You are there to serve the audience and make them feel special!

3. Engage the audience and make personal connections. Look out into the audience and connect with an audience member. Make eye contact, give them a huge smile, maybe a high five, or even a silly face. Not only will you make that guest’s day, but other audience members will see this and love it.

4. What’s your hurry? Don’t run off stage when the show is over and it is time to go. The audience doesn’t want to feel like you are running away from them. If they stuck around until the end of the show, then they deserve to get some back from you! Give it a minute, take some pictures, give some high fives and be with the audience.

5. When you are on stage…BE ON STAGE. Even when other performers have the spot light, somebody is still watching you. Keep that smile on or stay in character. It is terrible when there is action happening on-stage and then you glance over to the other performers just staring blankly or having a separate conversation…totally not into the performance.

Thoughts on other atmosphere tips for performers? Drop a comment below or email me at!

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